RFID alarm unit

AdvanGuard is an RFID UHF alarm unit for loss prevention at retail stores, libraries and other spaces. It comprises an embedded reader and alarm combining loss prevention and RFID functions in one system. It connects easily to various RFID antennas. It is ideal for combining it with AdvanMat RFID floor mat, for creating a complete loss prevention system.

The use process is as follows:

AdvanGuard is connected to chosen RFID antennas or systems.

AdvanGuard detects the tagged items under the coverage of the antennas.

AdvanGuard verifies if those items have been paid or fulfil a condition.

AdvanGuard triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any of the items has not been paid or does not fulfil a condition.

Connection to AdvanCloud

AdvanGuard can be optionally connected to AdvanCloud cloud-based software platform.

The products that trigger an alarm can be shown on a smartphone managed by store staff or security staff, in order to:

Thwart theft attempts.

Register the event: false alarm, thwarted theft, theft.

This information can then be analysed for business intelligence purposes, such as:

Theft attempts by day and time of day.

Products that suffer more theft attempts.

Stores with more theft activity.

Mechanical specification

Technical specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADGR-100 AdvanGuard-100 RFID alarm unit.

Ideal for...

  • Loss prevention at retail stores
  • Loss prevention at libraries
  • Loss prevention at warehouses
  • Product tracking at backdoors, entrances, corridors etc…

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