2D Bluetooth handheld scanner

The BCX-100W is as stylish as it is fast and reliable. Available in red or blue, it’s an ideal choice for customer facing point of sale applications where making a good stylish impression is important. The built-in 2D scan engine is capable of reading all variety of codes across all surfaces, including smartphone screens. That makes the BCX-100W perfect for all retail environments as well as kiosks or ticketing booths.

Bluetooth capability means the BCX-100W can be used completely free of any intrusive wires, and the long life battery allows it to go through a full day of intensive use before the device needs to be recharged. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use repeatedly without putting strain on the operator’s wrists. Despite its lightness, it’s also deceptively durable with a tried and tested drop resistance of over 1.5 meters. With style and elegance without compromising on performance or durability, the BCX-100W should be number one on your shortlist.

2D Bluetooth handheld scanner


Key Features

Scanning in style

The BCX-100W has been designed to offers a stylish scanning solutions with its option of vibrant colours and sleek design form, making it the perfect choice for shop floors customer facing applications.

Not just a pretty case

The smooth contoured design of the BCX-100W offers lightweight comfortable scanning coupled with tough, durable protection.  It can withstand drops of 1.5m so there is no fear that the attractive design compromises on durability.


Outstanding performance

The BCX-100W reads all 1D and 2D codes with ease whether they are printed on paper or from a mobile screen.  Capable of 250 scans per second, it is fast and reliable with a long life battery to ensure all day scanning is achieved.

Remote Connectivity

With easy Bluetooth connection to PC, smartphones or tablets, the BCX-100W allows a host of applications to be performed remotely making it a fantastically versatile solution for a whole range of applications.

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • BCX-100W-R BCX 100W 2D Bluetooth wireless handheld portable scanner (Red)
  • BCX-100W-B BCX 100W 2D Bluetooth wireless handheld portable scanner (Blue)

Ideal for...

  • Retail POS
  • Commercial applications
  • Asset tracking
  • Stock taking
  • Pharmacies

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