HR11+  (Aringa)


1D Corded Handheld Scanner

The HR11+ Aringa is an excellent all rounder when it comes to 1D scanning in the modern workplace. It offers the features and performance of some high end scanners without the excessive price tag, making it a good general purpose scanner for growing businesses. A 2500 pixel imager allows for easy scanning of high density codes, including those found on tablets or smartphone screens.

Coupled with the fast decoder, the Aringa provides a swift and reliable scanning experience. It’s extremely comfortable to hold, and an adaptable hands free stand also makes it ideal for stationary EPOS scanning. A tough outer shell also means it’s protected against accidental drops of up to 1.5 meters; perfect for a busy workplace where lots of frequent scanning is required.

Key Features

Outstanding performance

The HR 11+ Aringa  blends ergonomics and aesthetics in one of their most impressive 1D scanners yet. The Aringa offers exceptional value for its price tag, offering a 2500 pixel linear imager with a user experience more akin to the expensive end of the market.

Ergonomic and lightweight

Not only does the Aringa look the part, but its lightweight and ergonomic design help to reduce operator fatigue on long, scan-intensive shifts.

With optional foldable smart stand

Complete with a foldable smart stand, the Aringa allows users to switch seamlessly between handheld and hands-free scanning.


Scanning from paper and screens

The Aringa is equipped with Newland’s latest decoding technology, allowing it to rapidly scan 1D barcodes on both paper and screens. For emerging applications like O2O, the fast and effective scanning offered by the Aringa can prove an invaluable addition to any business.

Models and accessories available

SKU numbers/Models

  • HR1150P-30 1D CCD Handheld Reader (black surface) with USB cable CBL042UA, autosense, smart stand ready (Aringa)
  • HR1150P-30F 1D CCD Handheld Reader (black surface) with USB cable CBL042UA, includes foldable smart stand (Aringa)
  • HR1150P-37 1D CCD handheld reader (black surface) with RS232 cable CBL037R, autosense, smart stand ready (Aringa)
  • HR1150P-37F 1D CCD handheld reader (black surface) with RS232 cable CBL037R, incl. foldable smart stand (Aringa)
  • HR1150P-38 1D CCD Handheld Reader (black surface) with RS232 cable CBL037R & multiplug adapter, autosense, smart stand ready (Aringa)

SKU number/Accessories

  • STD20i-22 Foldable smart stand for HR11 - HR22 Series. Incl. Autosense.
  • CBL030UA RJ45 - USB cable 2 meter, 35cm colied for Handheld series, FR and FM series.
  • CBL036UC RJ45 - USB cable 3,5 meter for Handheld series, FR and FM series
  • CBL036UA USB 3m cable for HR, FR and FM series.
  • CBL037R RS232 cable with for FR and FM series, flow control for Handheld series.
  • CBL042UA USB cable, 2 mtr, with EFT anti-interference coil. For all handheld scanners
  • ADP100 Multi plug adapter 5V/1.5A for Handheld, FR and FM series.

Ideal for...

  • Retail/convenience store
  • O2O
  • Pharmacy & cosmetics stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Tobacco kiosks
  • Ticketing booths

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