HR42  (Halibut)


2D High Density Handheld Scanner

The HR42 Halibut is one of the best performing 2D readers out there and is capable of reading extremely small data matrix codes, making it ideal for gathering medical data or DPM (direct part marking).

The Halibut’s high definition megapixel scanning camera and a laser aimer to make it easier for operators to target codes.  It is designed to read with ease high resolution codes, typically found in healthcare, on vials and ampules or on machined parts. The Halibut’s tough casing also means it’s well protected against accidental drops of up to 1.8m.

Key Features

Unrivalled performance

An enhanced megapixel camera means the HR42 Halibut packs a lot of punch for its size. From screens and paper to plastic and metal, it can read small, dense and even damaged barcodes quickly and accurately. This ensures maximum productivity and less downtime on the shop floor.

User friendly laser aimer

A crisp and accurate laser aimer allows users to target ranged barcodes with ease. Point and shoot scanning has never been easier, allowing for streamlined working and enhanced efficiency for operators.

Scan virtually anything

The HR42 is multi-talented, allowing it to scan barcodes on various surfaces with ease. What’s more, it can even scan directly from plastic or metal parts making it an incredibly valuable tool for industrial applications in particular.

Rock solid and built to last

The HR42 is designed to be used all day, every day in the toughest of environments. A tried and tested drop resistance of 1.8 meters means operators can work with confidence and peace of mind, without worrying about bumps, knocks or scrapes.

Models and Accessories

SKU number/Models

  • HR4250-H5 2D CMOS Handheld Reader Mega Pixel, High Density (Black surface) Depth of field 25-155mmm IP42 with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable. Autosense, smart stand ready (Halibut)
  • HR4250-H8 2D CMOS Handheld Reader  Mega Pixel High Density (Black surface) Depth of field 25-155mmm IP42 with 2 mtr. RS232 cable and multiplug adapter. Autosense, smart stand ready (Halibut)

SKU number/Accessories

  • STD20i-42 Foldable smart stand for HR42 Series. Incl. Autosense.
  • CBL030UA RJ45-USB 2m cable, 35cm coiled for HR, FR and FM series
  • CBL036UC RJ45-USB 2m for HR, FR and FM series HR15X & HR32X series.
  • CBL036UA USB 3m cable for HR, FR and Fm series.
  • CBL037R RJ45-RS232, 2m cable for HR, FR and FM series
  • CBL042UA RJ45-USB, 2m cable for HR, FR and FM series
  • ADP100 5V/1.5A, 1.8m multi plug adapter for HR, FR and FM series.

Ideal for...

  • Warehouse applications
  • Electronic assembly
  • Production line
  • Healthcare
  • Postal and financial

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