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2D presentation scanner

Ideal for retail businesses, the MC-200PT mega pixel presentation scanner easily fixes to any countertop and has an extremely small footprint.  This fast and dependable scanner is an ideal solution for checkout process, scanning QR codes on smartphone screens, reading barcodes on ticket stubs and loyalty cards with consistency and accuracy.

This makes scanning multiple items extremely easy for operators, helping them to cut down on queue times and provide a faster and more competent service.


2D presentation scanner


Flexibility for efficiency.

With a button on top to toggle between fast read 1D codes and mixed 1D & 2D codes, including on-screen codes, the MC-200PT is ready for any barcode that it is presented with. Typically a checkout followed by a promotional code on a mobile phone screen, all carried out on one scanner at speed. The toggle button increases efficiency to give reading speed where needed. All in an sturdy design housing that can take the every day knocks on a countertop.

High-speed presentation scanning.

At the top of it’s class, the MC-200PT reads 1D and 2D barcodes, with speed and accuracy. It is capable of reading even the most complex codes. This makes it the perfect solution for applications for POS systems in retail, pharmacy, ticket verification and more.

Ready to race.

The MC-200PT is ready to read all common codes on mixed code medium, straight from the box. Allowing checkouts to give the speed of service that customers expect.

Models and accessories


  • MC-200PT 2D presentation scanner, mobile screen reader

Ideal for...

  • POS terminals
  • Customer service desk
  • Pharmacy
  • Ticket validation
  • O2O

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