2D Bluetooth handheld scanner

The BCX-5800 is a sturdy, dependable and efficient general purpose scanner designed for speed and ease-of-use. It’s built-in 2D scan engine is able to easily read all codes, and wireless connectivity allows the scanner to be used wirelessly, giving operators a great level of freedom and control. Its operational distance extends to an impressive 50 meters, allowing staff to use the scanner all over the shop floor or warehouse.

Tough and rugged, the BCX-5800 is also capable of withstanding accidental bumps and knocks, with a tried and tested drop resistance rating of 1.5 meters, ideal for bustling shop floors where accidents are often difficult to avoid. An option to use a plug-in cable for a PC connection is convenient when wireless is not needed, allowing the device to work without needing to charge. The read light on the scanner is also bright and bold, making it easier for operators to target codes and operate the scanner more efficiently.

2D Bluetooth handheld scanner


Key Features

Automatic wireless transition

The BCX-5800 offers an automatically switch between corded and wireless scanning. With the cable plugged in connected directly with the PC and if the cable is removed it jumps straight into wireless scanning giving the used absolute control of how they work.

Good read notification

Designed with a large window at the top of the scanner that lights up to indicate a good read, the BCX-5800 is an ideal solution for noisy environments where an accurate scan alert is required.

Go anywhere scanning

When unplugged and in wireless mode, the BCX-8500 can work at up to 50m away from its host offering a broader coverage where required.


Versatile Scanning

Capable of reading all 1D and 2D codes from paper as well as mobile screens with precision and ease, the BCX-5800 is an all round general scanning companion, ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • BCX-5800 BCX-5800 2D wireless Handheld scanner

Ideal for...

  • Retail POS
  • Goods in/out
  • Warehouse and order picking

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