Wearable BT RFID Reader

Portable & Lightweight with a Short UHF Read Range.

Robust RFID reading and writing.

The Chainway MR20 is their refined and new generation of wearable Bluetooth UHF reader. Being a compact and portable device, it can be operated together with gloves, wristbands, or lanyards and make your work much more flexible and convenient. With a built-in UHF module, the MR20 possesses a powerful data-collection and transmission function via a simple Bluetooth connection with Android or iOS devices.

Wearable BT RFID Reader


Models and accessories


  • MR-20 Chainway wearable RFID reader

Ideal for...

  • Assembly lines – pre assembly – final assembly.
  • Material handling
  • Work stations
  • Logistics – receiving – putting away
  • Supermarket picking – small parts picking
  • Material transport – high bay pickers – picking carts
  • Outbound logistics – palleting – packing – shipping

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