FR4080-II  (Koi)

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

For retail businesses that require a fast and dependable checkout process, this mega pixel presentation scanner is an ideal choice. From scanning QR codes on smartphone screens, to reading barcodes on ticket stubs and loyalty cards, the FR4080 reads 1D and 2D codes (including Aztec) with consistency and accuracy. The high quality scan engine also comes with a built in infrared sensor, which helps to detect the presence of codes even quicker.

This makes scanning multiple items extremely easy for operators, helping them to cut down on queue times and provide a faster and more competent service. What’s more, the Koi-II is easy to fix to any countertop and has an extremely small footprint, giving staff and customers more space to operate.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner


Key Features

With increased motion tolerance

The FR4080 Koi II is the perfect choice for EPOS, ticket booths and kiosks where scanning fast moving objects is important. Able to rapidly scan 1D and 2D barcodes, the built in sensor has a motion tolerance of up to 2.5 meters per second, allowing it to pick up ticket stubs and on-screen barcodes with ease.

Enhanced field of view

As well as exceptional motion tolerance, the FR4080 also has a wide 46 degree field of view, allowing it to capture 1D and 2D barcodes that pass by with a huge margin for error. Ideal for dealing with queues of items that need to be scanned quickly as they pass by.


Built in IR sensor

The scanner in the FR4080 comes with an infrared trigger that makes barcode reading easier and more accurate, also providing user feedback when it comes to targeting and positioning. This makes scanning faster, and makes short work of long queues.

Quick switch mode

The FR4080 can perform quickly and effectively, but in instances where a mobile phone screen read is required, users will find a convenient switch on top of the scanner to switch seamlessly between mobile screen and non-screen modes.

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • FR4080-20 Newland FR4080 2D Mega Pixel CMOS Omnidirectional presentation desktop scanner with 2 mtr.
  • FR4080-27 Newland FR4080 2D Mega Pixel CMOS Omnidirectional presentation desktop scanner with 2 mtr. RS232 cable
  • FR4080-28 Newland FR4080 2D Mega Pixel CMOS Omnidirectional presentation desktop scanner with 2 mtr. RRS232 cable and multi plug adapter.

SKU numbers/Accessories

  • CBL030UA RJ45-USB 2m cable, 35cm coiled for HR, FR and FM series
  • CBL036UC RJ45-USB 2 metre for HR, FR and FM series
  • CBL037R RJ45-RS232 2m cable for HR. FR and FM series
  • CBL042UA RJ45-USB 2m cable for HR. FR and FM series
  • ADP100 5V/1.5A, 1.8m multi plug adapter for HR, FR and FM series.

Ideal for...

  • POS
  • Customer service desks
  • Ticket validation
  • Pharmacy and cosmetic store
  • Convenience stores
  • Tobacco kiosks
  • O2O

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