BS8060  (Piranha)

Pocket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

When it comes to pocket readers, the Piranha is one of the most versatile and reliable there is. Available in both 1D and 2D versions, it can easily connect with Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets or laptops collecting data on the move. It may be pocket-sized, but its scanning performance is second to none and it can easily timestamp entries and store them when out of range to download at a later date.

On iPhones and iPads, the Piranha can pull up the keyboard for additional information to be keyed in manually – perfect for tasks like stocktaking. It’s a real time saver, and perfect for those who need to record events, functions and data on the move.

Pocket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


Key Features

Superior 1D+2D barcode reading

The piranha comes in two versions containing either a 1D engine or a 1D+2D engine depending on requirements. Both are capable of reading barcodes on low brightness screens, paper or plastic, and the 2D comes with a useful laser aimer to make targeting fast and easy.

Seamless Bluetooth connectivity

Using Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1 wireless technology, the BS8060 can easily be paired with Android, iOS and Windows devices up to 5 times faster than regular Bluetooth. Ideal for fast pairing on the move.

Easily personalised

The Piranha gives users the freedom to work however they like, using a range of operating systems and on-screen keyboards. Much like a phone, the Piranha can be customised to allow effective and personalised communications.

Small on size, big on features

The Piranha has been designed with portability in mind. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it can be taken anywhere and used anytime, giving users all of the 1D+2D scanning technology they could possibly need with up to 11 hours of battery life.

Models and Accessories

SKU number/Models

  • BS8060-3V BS8060 1D CCD Bluetooth scanner, reads all 1D barcodes. Supports Apple iOS, Android & Windows devices. BT class 1 range up to 100 mtr. 1MB memory.
  • BS8060-2T BS8060 2D CMOS Bluetooth scanner, based on 0370 decoder chip. Reads PDF/Data matrix/QR. Supports Apple iOS, Android & Windows devices. BT class 1 range up to 100 mtr. 1MB memory.

SKU number/Accessories

  • CD8060 Cradle for BS8060 series charging & communication. Incl. USB cable
  • BTY-BS80 Replacement battery BS80 series 3.7V 900mAh
  • CBL034U USB-micro USB cable 1.2m for BS80

Ideal for...

  • E-Coupon/E-Voucher
  • Retail store management
  • Price verification
  • Inventory management
  • Distributor management

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