Mobile Computer

Super Barcode Scanning Capability.  The Chainway C72 is an Android 11 rugged handheld computer. Built with Zebra scan engine SE4750MR, it delivers powerful barcode scanning capability that comes with read range from 4m to 6m.The mobile computer features Octa-Core processor and 8000mAh powerful battery to perfectly meet demands in intensive applications, especially in asset management, retail, warehousing, apparel inventory, motorway toll, fleet management, finance, etc.

Mobile Computer


Models and Accessories


  • C72-AE3(default) Android 11, MT6763(3+32)+5.2‘’ screen+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+Camera
  • C72-AE4 Android 11, MT6763(4+64)+5.2‘’ screen+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+Camera


  • CRD-72-SCC Single Charging Cradle, charge only
  • SG-C72-CPH Carrying Pouch
  • SG-C72-CHS Rugged Holster with Shoulder strap, provides additional protection to the device and allows user to operate with holster
  • RB-C72-RR Rugged Rubber Boot, omni-directional protected
  • TRG-C72-PG Pistol Grip
  • MCP1 four layers, double side Charging Rack/Tower, included 8 sets of SCC1

Ideal for...

  • Asset management
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Apparel inventory
  • Motorway toll
  • Fleet management
  • Finance, etc.

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