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The Chainway C71 is an industrial-grade rugged mobile computer with high extensibility. Built with Android 11 OS and Octa-Core processor, it supports abundant optional functions, including barcoding, NFC, HF, UHF, iris/fingerprint recognition, PSAM and camera, etc. The excellent performance makes C71 ideally deployed in logistics, retail, warehousing, healthcare, power, card, parking charge, government projects to help users quickly achieve informatization management and improve operational efficiency.

Mobile Computer


Key Features

Efficient barcode scanning

The C71 can be configured with high-performance barcode engine including that of Zebra, which gives the device the capability of decoding almost all kinds of 1D/2D barcodes with high accuracy and speed, even those damaged and poor quality codes.  Its wide working range and long working distance enables the C71 to work flexibly in various applications.  whether items are in hand on on farther rack, the C71 delivers satisfying results.

Portable – fit in your hand

The curved shell, 5.2-inch display and anti-skid edges allows you to see the bigger picture when you hold the C71 comfortably in your hand.  The side button is reachable in single-hand operations.  The large 1080P display and portable design brings more flexibility to your work.

Long-lasting battery performance

The powerful 5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery lets you fulfil a whole day’s work easily.  It also supports flash charging.  With the C71 you don’t have to worry that your business would be interrupted by power off anymore.

Biometric authentication

When you use the C71 in biometric authentication, you can experience both fingerprint, which can be configured with capacitive or optical fingerprint sensor which captures high-quality fingerprint images, even when he finger is wet or there is strong light, and a high-end iris scanner, with a remarkably low false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 million.  The C71 collects, captures and verifies biometric identifiers in identification and access control in projects such as population census, national election and defence.

Models and Accessories


  • C71-SE MT6737(2+16)+5.2‘’ screen+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+NFC+Camera
  • C71-AE3(default) Android 8.1, MT6763(3+32)+5.2‘’ screen+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+NFC+Camera
  • C71-AE4 Android 8.1, MT6763(4+64)+5.2‘’ screen+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+NFC+Camera


  • TCS1 Fingerprint Capacitive, Crossmatch FIPS PIV
  • CBM-E3 Fingerprint Optical, Morpho FIPS PIV
  • Rear Iris Rear Iris, with camera and LED, STQC/NIST IREX certified
  • Front Iris Front Iris, with camera and LED, STQC/NIST IREX certified
  • Front Camera 5MP, alternative to Iris
  • CM-Q1 Power: 26dBm: , Antenna Gain: 1dBi, Reading distance 5-300CM
  • C71-PSAM 2 PSAM slots at most (ISO7816 protocol), two PSAMs charge double
  • CRD-C71-SCC Single Charging Cradle, charge only
  • SG-C71-CPH Carrying Pouch
  • SG-C71-CHS Rugged Holster with Shoulder strap, provides additional protection to the device and allows user to operate with holster
  • RB-C71-RRP Rugged Rubber Boot, omni-directional protected, with typeC & pogpin
  • RB-C71-RR Rugged Rubber Boot, omni-directional protected
  • SP-C7X Screen Protector- Size: 5.2'', Thickness: 0.4mm
  • MCP1 four layers, double side Charging Rack/Tower, included 8 sets of SCC1

Ideal for...

  • logistics
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Healthcare
  • Parking charge
  • Government projects

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