NQuire 300

Android Customer Information Terminal

When customer self service is important, the NQuire 300 from Newland seriously delivers. Customers can easily scan 1D and 2D product codes and immediately get prices and other interactive details via its sharp, colour touchscreen. The NQuire 300 has been designed for comfort and speed, but is also compact and doesn’t take up too much precious counter space.

It can connect easily to a back office host via Wi-Fi, and the built-in MDM ‘Buckets’ software makes short work of remote setups and monitoring. If lots of high intensity scanning of multiple items is required, an optional RFID reader can be included to make the NQuire 300 even more dependable.

Android Customer Information Terminal


Key Features

With built-in scan engine

The NQuire 300 is one of the most able and user friendly customer information terminals on the market today. Thanks to Newland’s state of the art scan engine, the device is able to read 1D and 2D barcodes repetitively from many angles . What’s more, the NQuire 300 is so easy to use that even the most inexperienced customers will be able to scan printed and digital barcodes with ease.

Versatile networking

The NQuire 300 is extraordinarily adaptable and can be tailored into just about any network setup. The built-in HF RFID reader can be set to transmit through ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, plus an external USB port allows users to easily connect a handheld scanner if required.

Easy to mount and install

Like most of the devices we supply, the NQuire 300 is plug and play compatible so it’s ready to use out of the box. Beyond that, it’s a simple case of attaching it to a shelf, pole or wall, and for complete flexibility any VESA mount bracket.

Android OS Pre-installed

Android is one of the most flexible operating systems around and the NQuire 300 takes full advantage, giving your team complete flexibility in how it’s used. Customers will also find it incredibly easy to navigate while looking up items, checking prices or making purchases.

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • NQuire301WP-M1 Android Customer Information terminanl with 4.3 colour Touch screen, 1D CCD engine, Wi-Fi, POE, RFID (HF13.56Mhz) (OS Andriod 4.4.2) Buckets MDM software and multiplug adapter
  • NQuire304WP-M1 Android Customer Information terminanl with 4.3 colour Touch screen, 1D/2D CMOS engine with laser aimer, Wi-Fi, POE, RFID (HF13.56Mhz) (OS Andriod 4.4.2) Buckets MDM software and multiplug adapter

SKU numbers/Accessories

  • STD1200 Desktop stand for NQuire series
  • WMB1000 Wall mount Vesa bracket for NQuire series
  • MSB1200 Magnetic Shelf Mount Bracket for NQuire series
  • ADP005 multiplug adapter 12V / 2A, with 2.1-5.5mm diameter plug for NQuire series.

Ideal for...

  • Self-service
  • Access control
  • Price checking
  • Time attendance
  • Airport check

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