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Chainway C61 is a new-generation rugged handheld computer. Built with Android 11.0 OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor, it supports numeric/QWERTY keypad with 27key, 37key and 47 key options, features 6700mAh removable battery and quick charge, and offers optional trigger handle with extended 5200mAh battery, as well as abundant accessories. And it allows optional barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, etc. With robust data collection capability and high-powered dual-band WIFI, this mobile computer can perfectly fulfil applications in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, asset management, etc.

Mobile Computer


Key Features

Wireless connectivity – stay connected with speed and ease

With a variety of options including ultra-fast 4G LTE, dual-band WiFi (2.4G+5G) and low power consumption Bluetooth, the C61 Series will offer you high-speed and stable wireless connectivity anywhere, anytime.

Long-lasting battery performance

The powerful 6700mAh detachable battery that supports quick charge will ensure power all shift long, but for applications that demand more, the C61 also offers an additional 5200mAh pistol grip battery.

Multi-Keypad options

The C61 is available in 3 keypad options to enable individual compatibility.  Supporting numeric/QWERTY keypad with 27 key, 37 key and 47 key options.

Efficient barcode scanning

The C61 can be configured with high-performance engine including that of Zebra, which gives the device the capability of decoding almost all kinds of 1D/2D barcodes with high accuracy and speed, even those damaged and poor quality codes.  Its wide working range and long working distance enables the C61 to work flexibly in various applications.  Whether items are at hand or on farther rack, the C61  delivers satisfying results.

Models and Accessories


  • C61-PE Android 11.0, Qualcomm SDM450 (3+32)+5.5‘’ screen +NFC+4G+WIFI+BT+GPS+Camera


  • CM2000-1-30 Power 30dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 10M reading distance, Pistol included
  • CM2000-1-33 Power 33dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 15M reading distance, Pistol included
  • CRD-61-RBC Single Charging Cradle, DC port, charge to C61 with or w/o rugged rubber boot
  • CRD-61-RBCE Single Charging Cradle, DC port, w/sync, w/ethernet, charge C61 device with or w/o rugged rubber boot, use with DCPWR-12V2A-XX or Type-C charge cable
  • CRD-MCB the 4-slot base charging cradle set for 4 pieces of CRD-C61-RBC/CRD-C61-RBCE, or 3 pcs of above plus 1 pc CRD-C61-MBC, or 2 pcs of device cradles plus 1 pc CRD-C61-MB and 1 pc CRD-C61-PBC, need to buy DCPWR-12V5A-XX separately
  • RB-C61-PS Snap-On Trigger Handle, use with optional pistol battery

Ideal for...

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Asset management

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