The Mobile Device Control Hub

Mobile device management platform

Managing mobile technology – made easy

This is a mobile device management platform that offers one complete ‘hub’ for all device management needs.  Not only can it connect to any MDM software, but it offers additional device insight tools not available on the MDM such as drop detection, live usage data and health stats, as well as running an automated ‘one-click’ RMA /repair process and support ticket systems.

Real-time usage shows what Apps one or all devices are using, for how long and how much data is being used.  Live device location means you have full visibility of all your devices at any time with the ability to lock or wipe any lost or stolen devices.  Live health stats include notification if a device has been dropped or damaged and battery health data alerts you to any power issues before a device fails, reducing the down time of a device.  Additionally, company documents can be sent securely to any or all devices and messages can be sent to individual or all devices giving immediate contact to all users at all times.



Mobile device management platform


Managed Mobility Platform - Three key areas

1. Device Insight

Device Insights provide visibility, control and usage information on how mobile devices are performing so you have the data to make informed decisions which will maximise uptime, prevent lost devices and alert you when you need to take action.

Device insight is critical because:

  • MDM software on its own can’t answer questions on real time issues – outages, lost devices, daily usage on apps, damage and data plans.
  • You need a live asset list to know what devices are in use, in spares pool, in repair or potentially lost / stolen.
  • If mobile devices or the apps have issues then business stops. You need to immediately know about these problems so you can take action.
  • See at a glance what devices are doing – simple dashboards, reports and automated alerts.

2. Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) also known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a software license that enables the IT administrators to remotely configure devices and enforce certain policies.

With the preference hub platform you can use the in-built MDM or connect to any existing MDM to give a platform where everything is in one place.

Device management is critical because:

  • Simple device deployment – scan a QR code and automatically configure any device with WiFi settings, business apps, passwords and settings.
  • Lock devices down and restrict access – perhaps to certain web content, social media apps or stop data downloads.
  • If new apps and policy updates are needed it also gives a tool to mass update all devices in one go and remotely without touching the device.
  • Should IT need to remotely support the device user they can also use this tool to connect to a device for troubleshooting purposes.

3. Service Management

Service Management automates the process of requesting an RMA/repair of a mobile device. Most customers will see a return rate of 20 to 30% of their mobile estate going back for repair each year and so the need to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible is essential.

Saving time and hassle with an Automated Service Work Flow

Easy to search for devices using Sites, Users, Model or Serial Number.

Asset list is always live – ‘AI’ monitoring of s/n, site location and in-use.

Simple clicks and the ticket form is all pre populated, eliminating errors.

Custom work flows can include ITSM integration, service providers and device OEM.

Access Custom Service Reports 24/7

Service management is critical because:

  • When a device needs to go for repair you will have to manually complete a return (RMA) form that can take a long time to complete.
  • Accurate data is essential – mistyping a serial number for example can delay or prevent the repair from taking place.
  • Many companies have different makes of devices and it can be a different process for each device, requiring more time to navigate.
  • Warranty and Service contracts can all have different start and end dates and so the need to streamline this in one system saves significant time.

Live device scorecards

  • Proving you with automated alerts – text or email on urgent device issues.
  • Only buy what you need – see utilisation and user behaviour.
  • Live data usage so you never get bill shock from the network.
  • Ensure maximise uptime with battery analysis, device performance and health metrics.
  • Reduce security risk from old operating systems no longer getting updates.

Post live scorecards to management/stakeholders

  • Generate a Web URL live for up to 7 days.
  • Email to your business management/stakeholders on the actions they need to take weekly for proactive peace of mind.
  • Post to external displays boards for live on-site dashboard at your office or at the DC.
  • Use data to have better conversations with sites and managers
  • Better conversations = Better Outcomes.

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