Inventory Software System

The PASS warehouse stock control system uses PDA’s and barcodes to record stock entering and leaving the warehouse, keeping a perpetual inventory.  It is very simple to use and shows the stock levels of all products with warning flags for low stock.  The stock taking module makes counting fast and accurate.

PASS Storeroom is Windows Inventory software using Windows or Android PDA’s for warehouse management and stock control. It monitors goods received and goods despatched to customers and maintains full batch traceability and records of the warehouse inventory by location and by date. It operates as a system based on tags and barcodes with direct barcode label printing built into the system. It is designed for small and medium sized warehouse and businesses and priced on a once only fee. There are no annual licence fees. It can operate with Microsoft business Intelligence which creates reports to client pcs from data in the Storeroom database.

Inventory Software System


Key Features

Its main forte is the installation assistance, support and training that is given with the product and once installed it just does the job. The system is called PASS Storeroom and this focuses on keeping a perpetual inventory by carefully recording all goods coming in and out and their movements internally. The stock counting module uses either phone or pda to capture stock counts, either full or partial, enabling you to easily resume the stocktake on consecutive days where it is impractical or inconvenient to count it all on one day.

  • Stock count with variance and reconciliation.
  • Goods in.
  • Issue and Return (items leave stock).
  • Lend and Return (items remain in stock).
  • Batch traceability.
  • Commodity, Batch and Serial type stock.
  • low stock flags and reordering.
  • Stock by location.
  • Stock by category.
  • Stock on loan.
  • Stock throughput report.
  • Goods in by date report.
  • Goods past expiry date report.
  • Transaction histories.
  • Multiple sites with central server. VPN, GPS, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server.
  • Multiple databases same licence.
  • Access, Mysql or sql server databases.
  • Barcode printing.
  • Sig capture with epad.
  • PDA program – In, Out, Move, Sig capture.
  • Android or Win mobile (Android runs with pLink).
  • Supports Bluetooth scanners so usable with Android phones.

 Five important things it will show you

** It shows you what you have got **

It will keep an up to date list or everything you have in the warehouse showing where it all is and how much its worth.

** It shows you where it is or who has got it **

It will show you who has borrowed or hired things like tools and equipment and how long they have had it.

** It shows you how much you are using **

It will show you how many consumable items you are using.

** It shows you what to reorder **

It will show you what and when to reorder and prevent stock outs both of company products and consumable products.

** It shows you what has happened **

Models and Accessories


  • PASS Stockroom Windows inventory software for warehouse management and stock control

Ideal for...

  • Small to medium sized warehouses
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

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