P80 RFID Tablet

Best-in-Class RFID Reading Performance

Chainway P80 RFID tablet, integrated with Chainway’s industry best self-developed UHF RFID module CM2000-1 (with Impinj R2000 chip), is the ideal device to get superior reading/writing performance. The device ensures high reliability with 8000 mAh battery for long lasting backup and has an 8” large IPS display with Android 9.0 OS. This tablet with RFID reader can perform multiple tasks in various sectors such as retail operation, inventory management, logistics, asset management etc.

Best-in-Class RFID Reading Performance


Key features

8″ IPS screen & 8000mAh battery, abundant optional features

Superior UHF RFID reading & writing

The P80 deploys Chainway’s self-developed UHF RFID module CM, which delivers excellent RFID reading and writing capabilities.  It supports protocols of EPC C1 GEN2/ISO18000-6C and various frequency bands, the P80 can read all kinds of RFID tags with high accuracy and speed in asset management, apparel inventory management, vehicle management, warehouse, finance etc.

Accurate barcode scanning

The P80 adopts a state-of-the-art scan engine which enables lightning-fast capture of 1D/2D barcodes, even those dirty, damaged and poorly-printed codes, with the option of long range scanning where needed to ensure good results whatever the application.

Enhanced PSAM security level

Optional PSAM card slots are available that support the protocol ISO7816 and various other secure modes and authorisation.  It provides high security and cryptology performance to meet demanding applications.

Smooth operation performance in intensive applications.

NFC Enabled

The P80 supports ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO/IEC 21481 protocols for near-field communication and data transmission.  Its high security, fast and stable connectivity and low power consumption meet the needs in user authentication and e-payment.

8-inch large display, allows at glance a complete screen

The P80 deploys the latest IPS technology in its large display with full HD 1920 x 1200.  It presents all significant information and you can easily get a full view of data at a glance.

Always durable indoors and outside

Damage and scratch resistant, corning Gorilla glass provides an extra layer of protection to the P80.  Its capacitive touch panel supports operations with multi-touch, wet fingers or gloved hands.  Allowing a wide range of industrial applications.

High ruggedness and durability

IP65 rating – water and dust proof

The P80 meets IEC sealing specification withstanding exposure to dust and running water, making it ideal for applications with field workers.

High definition camera

The P80 boasts a 13MP auto focus colour camera with flash.  You can easily capture photos and videos in various modes, even under low light and back-lit conditions.

Long-distance infrared meter reading

The P80 can be integrated with a IR meter reading module to collect automatically consumption, diagnostics and status data from water, gas and electric meters, even from a distance.

8000mAh Battery

Long-lasting performance 8000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery allows a full day’s work easily.  It also supports flash charging.  Now you do not have to worry that your business would be interrupted by loss of power.

Models and Accessories


  • P80-PE Android 9.0, Qualcomm SDM450(3+32), 8‘’ 1920*1200 screen, 4G, WIFI, BT, GPS, NFC and Camera.


  • CM2000-1-30 External UHF Power 30dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 10M reading distance, Pistol incl.
  • CM2000-1-33 External UHF Power 33dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 15M reading distance, Pistol incl.
  • CM2000-1-30 (Rear) Internal UHF Power 30dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 10M reading distance
  • CM2000-1-33 (Rear) Internal UHF Power 33dBm, Antenna Gain 4dBi, 15M reading distance
  • CM500 (Front) Internal UHF Power 30dBm, Antenna Gain 0.5dBi, 30-100CM reading distance
  • PSAM-P80 2 PSAM slots at most (ISO7816 protocol), two PSAMs charge double
  • RB-P80-RR Rugged Rubber Boot, omni-directional protected

Ideal for...

  • Retail
  • Apparel
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics
  • Meter reading
  • NFC pay
  • Asset management
  • Order picking
  • Library applications
  • Bottle tag applications
  • Jewellery applications
  • Windshield applications

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