MT65-V (Beluga)

Android 11 portable terminal

The MT65 Beluga V Android mobile computer has a long-standing reputation for delivering reliable performance. Its standout features include a 2D megapixel barcode scanner and Android 11 GMS operating system. The device also supports Bluetooth, 4G, and Dual-band Wi-Fi, ensuring swift and effortless communication with other devices. Moreover, its rugged housing is sealed to IP65 standards, making it resistant to dust and water, and it can withstand falls of up to 1.2m onto concrete.

Android 11 portable terminal


Key features

2D mega pixel scan engine

The MT65-V comes armed with Newland’s latest generation of imaging technology 2D megapixel barcode reader, providing flawless performance day after day. High resolution means that even small or slightly damaged barcodes can be read from a distance, making scanning more efficient while reducing downtime.

Durable and rugged

The MT65 Beluga V can take a hit, with IP65 standard sealing offering protection from dust, dirt and water. Thanks to its rugged housing, the Beluga has been tested with a drop resistance of up to 1.2m with zero damage.

Android 8.1 operating system

The MT65-V has almost endless application possibilities thanks to its Android 11 operating system. Security comes as standard, along with all the admin tools users might need for ultimate control and peace of mind.

Versatile touch screen with keyboard

The MT65 Beluga V combines a good size touch screen with a physical keyboard.  It equips you with a mobile computer suitable for many different applications, including usage with gloves or the quick and easy typing in of quantities.

Comes with Newland's latest MDM software

Models and Accessories


  • MT6555-W4 MT6555 Beluga V Mobile Computer with 4" touchscreen, 2D CMOS imager with Laser Aimer (CM48), 3+32, BT, WiFi, 4G, GPS, NFC, Camera. Incl. USB cable, battery and multi plug adapter. OS: Android 11 GMS.


  • CD6550 Cradle for MT65 series for Charging & Communication. Incl. USB-DC cable
  • BTY-MT65 Battery for MT65 & PT60 series, 3.7V 3700mAh
  • CD6550-4C 4-Slot Multi Battery Charge for MT65‘s
  • PG-65 Pistol Grip for MT65 Series
  • SP65 Hybrid Screen protection film for MT65 series 9H
  • HS105 Holster for N7, MT65, MT67, MT90 w/o Rubber Boot, NFT10/M10, MT37 and PT60 series
  • HS106 Holster for MT65, MT67, MT90 and N7 series with pistol grip
  • PT105 Protection Tab for holster
  • BT105 Belt 40mm x 150cm for holster
  • MS105 Mounting strap for holster (for forklifts)
  • NS105 Neck strap 135cm for holster HS105
  • MC105 Metal-Beltclip for holster
  • RC105 Rotating clip for holster HS105
  • ADP200 multiplug adapter 5V/2A, USB port for MT65 & MT90 series

Ideal for...

  • Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Postal/courier applications
  • Retail applications
  • Warehousing

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