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BCX Range

BCX-710 & BCX-710UHF

5" Android 7 Smart Terminal

Factor in the fingerprint detection, 5″ sharp colour display and the 4000mAh battery, and the BCX-710 is one of the most efficient and dependable scanners around. It also has incredible tough housing which can withstand accidental drops of up to 1.5 meters, and its IP67 seal rating make it reliable in just about any condition. Once the workforce start using the BCX-710, they’ll wonder how they ever did without it.

5" Android 7 Smart Terminal


Two versions available

Barcode – The BCX-710

An Android 7 terminal with built-in 2D scan engine allows the BCX-710 to pick up any code easily. This makes operators far more efficient during busy shifts with high traffic. A pistol grip option also makes the BCX-710 extremely comfortable to hold and dramatically reduces operator fatigue over time. NFC is also supported, so payment applications are fully compatible, and the device can stay connected while roaming thanks to dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity.


The BCX-710UHF is perfect for fast and effective scanning where multiple items need to be catalogued quickly. The RFID reader can pick up 200 tags per second from up to 3m away. It’s one of the most competent and effective RFID products in its price range, with several state of the art features making it an easy choice over some of its more expensive competitors.

Key Features

Latest technology Android terminal

The BCX-710 Android terminal is brimming with features; connectivity, robustness and flexibility, like finger print detection, high speed 2D barcode reading, all with a long life battery.

Comfortable pistol grip

The UHF component has been added into an ergonomically designed pistol grip, well balanced with a built-in trigger for ease of use. Designed to allow the operating terminal to easily clip in and out.

Stay connected

The BCX-710 terminal has dual band WiFi, 4G and dual SIM slots to cover all the host connection required. Combined with Bluetooth to allow local connection to peripherals, such as printers.

Go anywhere terminal

The BCX-710 housing is sealed to IP67, offering full protection from water and dust, making it ideal for field workers. Combined with a 1.5m drop test, this is really a tough ‘go anywhere’ terminal.

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • BCX-710 BCX710 - 5" Android 7 smart terminal, Wifi, Bluetooth, G4, camera - 2D Scanner
  • BCX-710UHF BCX-710UHF - 5" Android 7 smart terminal, 0-3m range incl pistol grip

SKU numbers/Accessories

  • BCX710-BTY4 Spare battery 4000mAh for BCX-710/BCX-710UHF
  • BCX710-BTY8 Spare battery 8000mAh for BCX-710/BCX-710UHF

Ideal for...

  • Retail (apparel)
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Field workers

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