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Tough 2D handheld scanners

The XT-8220+ series of 1D and 2D barcode scanners from the BCX Elite Range are available in corded and wireless versions.  Offering an extremely high specification of protection at the cost of a standard scanner, the XT8220+ series are encased in an attractive, ergonomically designed tough housing which is sealed to IP65 housing as standard (IP67 available) and drop proof up to 5m.  This scanner is capable of performing in almost all conditions.

It can be washed under running water, submerged or sterile wiped to protect operators in today’s environment, while also tough enough to handle being dropped or bumped around which comes as part of today’s operational territory.


Tough 2D handheld scanners


Two Versions

XT-8220+ Corded Version

With High precision HD Scanning, the XT8220+ offers superior and accurate scanning for all 1D and 2D applications.  Add to this the all-round ruggedness, there really isn’t a task that this quality scanner can’t take on which is why it is one of our biggest selling corded scanning solutions.

XT-8220+GBD Wireless Version

Packed with rich features that ensure all day connectivity regardless of the applications environment, the XT-8220+GBD ‘s 2.4G Wireless transmission signal has a strong penetration and diffraction ability with a transmission distance up to 80 metres in open spaces.  In addition it comes with a large capacity storage chip.  This big built-in storage can store more than 80,000 barcodes during offline scanning.

Key Features

Incredible protection

The XT-8220+ Series comes with an IP65 rating as standard and an an option of an IP67 rated version, which can be washed directly with tap water and even soaked in water for 20 minutes.  These scanners have been designed to deal with harsh environments, the casing is built to securely protect the internal mechanisms from dust, dirt and grit and is integrated with oil proof, industrial-grade protection. In addition the XT-8220+Series can withstand drops from up to 5m and 1000 rolls without affecting the functionality of the scanners.

Applicable systems

The XT-8220+ Series is compatible with various systems and terminals, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows xp, Windows 10.

High precision HD scanning

The XT-8220+ Series offers accurate, fast scanning of 1D and 2D codes, with decoding function for decoding barcodes in 3mil and above.  With smaller codes used widely in medical and electrical industries, the XT-8220+ is an ideal solution.

Superior design

The sleek design of the arc makes the entire product vibrant and beautiful while the comfortable hand grip reduces user fatigue over a long period of use.  Durable buttons and body components can be pressed millions of times without jamming for affecting the functionality of the scanner and clear beep notification and bright light for good read ensure increased productivity.

Models and Accessories


  • XT-8220+ 2D CMOS handheld scanner, IP65
  • XT-8220+R 2D CMOS handheld scanner, IP67
  • XT-8220+GBD 2D wireless hand held scanner with cradle, IP65
  • XT-8220+GBD-R 2D wireless hand held scanner with cradle, IP67

Ideal for...

  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Restaurant/bar
  • Clothing
  • Medical

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