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HR20-RF Panga

HR20-RF Panga

The HR20-RF Panga is a durable and versatile wireless 2D scanner that is ideal for retail and small warehouse applications. Where high volume, speed and accuracy are key, the Panga delivers on all fronts. 2.4Ghz radio frequency technology allows dependable wireless connectivity up to 50 meters away, and even if employees stray further the device is capable of storing data and syncing it when it’s back in range – perfect for doing a quick stock take on the shop floor or a backroom scan.

The scan engine is capable of reading high density 1D and 2D barcodes, encased in a solid IP43 sealed casing that’s pleasant to the touch and easy to grip. All concerns about knocks and bumps around the shop floor or warehouse are laid to rest thanks to Panga’s tried and tested 1.2m drop resistance. With a low power mode that allows up to 12 hours of continuous use, the HR20-RF Panga is a valuable asset to any retail or small warehouse outfit.

HR20-RF Panga


Key Features

Easy installation and pairing

The HR20-RF puts simplicity first with a mini USB dongle and automatic pairing. That means there’s no cumbersome software or external apps. Simply plug in, pair with the touch of a button and start scanning.

50m range with built-in memory

One of the things that makes the HR20-RF such a valuable asset to warehouse staff is its huge 50 metre range. What’s more, if a staff member does stray too far, the device will store any data and with the touch of the trigger will automatically sync when it’s back in range.

Tough, durable and comfortable

The housing of the HR20-RF is IP43 sealed. That means it’s well protected from water, dirt and dust. It’s also comfortable to grip and can withstand drops of up to 1.2m without any signs of damage.

Long life battery with low power mode

For wireless scanners, battery power is everything. Thankfully, the HR20-RF carries a 2000mAh battery which can easily see out the longest shifts. A unique low power mode can even be activated, allowing for 12 hours of continuous use.

Models and Accessories


  • HR2070-RF Newland HR2070 2D wireless reader with dongle and USB cable.

Ideal for...

  • Inventory
  • Ticketing
  • Mobile sales

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