Corded and Wireless Scanners


Chainway SR160

The Chainway SR160 is a robust UHF Scanner that facilitates both UHF RFID and 1D/2D scanning. It employs self-developed UHF RFID modules built on the Impinj E310 chip, delivering exceptional single-tag reading performance.

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BCX 3890B

2D Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner. Ideal for all general purpose commercial and retail applications.

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BCX MC Series

The MC Series from the BCX Optimum Range are very much plug in and work hard 1D/2D scanners at a very reasonable price point.  Scanning in excess of 200 scans per second,  even high resolution codes from mobile phone screen, make these an ideal solutions for intensive scanning at a low cost.  Available in two versions, MC-100 (1D) and MC-200 (2D).

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Newland HR11 Aringa

The HR11 Aringa is a versatile 1D scanner that excels in the modern workplace. With the features and performance of high-end scanners at a reasonable price, it's an excellent choice for growing businesses. Its 2500 pixel imager enables easy scanning of high-density codes, even those found on tablet or smartphone screens.

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The MC-S8 from the BCX Optimum Range offers both excellent reading ability combined with the subtle style of its tough housing. The gives and attractive scanner that meets the needs for general all day use, representing real value in a scanner.

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Stylish Bluetooth 2D cordless scanner, ideal when public facing. Long life battery for full day operation. Style with performance is the key note.

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General purpose 2D wireless scanner. Operation distance up to 50m (open space), with a large 'good read' light. Option to use a plug in cable for PC connection or going Bluetooth when needed.

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Newland HR22 Dorada

Considering its extremely attractive price point, the HR22 Dorada is brimming with features that make it perfect for most industrial and retail applications. Available in corded and Bluetooth versions, using Newland's 3rd generation purpose built decoder, it's able to read high density codes seamlessly.

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Newland HR32 Series (Marlin)

High performance mega pixel camera reads high density and poor condition codes with ease. High speed processor for snappy reading. Lightweight housing to reduce operator fatigue when used constantly.

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Newland HR42 Series (Halibut)

High performance mega pixel camera operation. Capable of reading the smallest of medical data matrix codes (HD Version). Reads small codes including direct part marking.

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Newland HR52 Series (Bonito)

Newland HR52 Series (Bonito) 2D hand held scanners The HR52 Series (Bonito) of 2D Mega Pixel scanners are ideal for retail and logistics alike.  Available in corded or Bluetooth versions, these scanners are perfect for high traffic point of sale scanning and includes the ability to read DotCode on tobacco products as well as making light work […]

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