RFID loss prevention system

AdvanSafe is a loss prevention system based on RFID UHF. It comprises an antenna with an embedded reader, controller and alarm combining loss-prevention and RFID functions in one system.  AdvanSafe detects the tagged items that pass below the antenna, verify if those items have been paid, and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid.  It can use four configurations for checking if a tagged item has been paid:

Checks the EAS bit of NXP chips

Checks if the EPC code includes a pre-defined pattern that signals that the product has or not been paid

Checks against the POS database if the product has been paid

Checks bulk theft: trigger an alarm if a certain number of tags belonging to the same category are read in a certain time period (e.g. a few seconds).

Product Features

AdvanSafe comprises a master unit and several slave units: The master unit has an integrated reader, a controller, an alarm, a visual alarm indicator and one directive antenna. Each slave unit comprises one directive antenna and a visual alarm indicator.

As shown in the following illustration, up to 3 slave units can be connected to one master unit. This reduces costs for stores with wide entrance.

AdvanSafe works with any hard and soft Gen2 RFID UHF tags. It includes configurable parameters for minimising false alarms.

AdvanSafe can be ordered in 2 models:

Model with suspended wires

Model with a ceiling mount

Radiation pattern

To minimise the detection of products inside the store, AdvanSafe has a radiation diagram wide in one direction and narrow in the other (perpendicular) direction.

Connecting to AdvanCloud

AdvanSafe can be optionally connected to AdvanCloud cloud-based software platform.

The products that trigger an alarm can be shown on a smartphone managed by store staff or security staff, in order to:

Thwart theft attempts.

Register the event: false alarm, thwarted theft, theft.

This information can then be analyzed for business intelligence purposes:

Theft attempts by day and time of day.

Products that suffer more theft attempts.

Stores with more theft activity.


Mechanical specification for the model with suspended wires

Mechanical specification for the ceiling mount model

Technical specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADSF-omc-EU-100 AdvanSafe, overhead, master unit, ceiling mounted (attached to the ceiling or suspended with a pole, pole not included) EU frequency band (ETSI)
  • ADSF-osc-EU-100 AdvanSafe, overhead, slave unit, ceiling mounted (attached to the ceiling or suspended with a pole, pole not included) EU frequency band (ETSI)
  • ADSF-oms-EU-100 AdvanSafe, overhead, master unit, suspended with metallic wires (included) EU frequency band (ETSI)
  • ADSF-oss-EU-100 AdvanSafe, overhead, slaver unit, suspended with metallic wires (included) EU frequency band (ETSI)

Ideal for...

  • Loss prevention at retail stores
  • Loss prevention at warehouses
  • Product tracking at backdoors, entrances, corridors etc…

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