RFID smart Kanban panel

AdvanPanel is a smart panel based on RFID UHF, that detects in real-time the tagged Kanban cards placed in such panel, with a high read rate (typically 100%).  In addition, AdvanPanel is able to avoid detecting other Kanban cards that are not placed on the panel, even if these cards are at a close physical distance from the panel.

A very common application of AdvanPanel is inventory management of medical products in hospitals.  Medical products are placed on boxes or drawers that have a tagged Kanban card attached.  When the number of items in a storage drawer falls below a specific threshold, the user removes the tagged Kanban card from the drawer and places it on AdvanPanel.  AdvanPanel detects in real-time such Kanban cards and the resulting information is used to reorder or restock medical products.

Another common application of AdvanPanel is restocking management at those factories or industrial companies that use Kanban cards.

Technical Specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADPAN AdvanPanel RFID smart Kanban panel

Ideal for...

  • Inventory management at hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • Industries and factories that use a Kanban system for restocking management
  • Inventory management in general

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