RFID robot for automatic inventory

RFIDinventory accuracy with handheld RFID readers could be in excess of 98% but process missteps and human errors decrease that accuracy to 85%-95%.  AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store, or a low-ceiling warehouse, that provides a higher RFID inventory accuracy than handheld readers.

AdvanRobot also locates each tagged item in 2 dimensions (X,Y and Z).  This information can then be processed to generate a 3 dimension planogram of the items inside a space.  The information generated can be used to help customers finding the product they are looking for, to help employees detecting misplaced items, to accelerate picking and return management etc…

AdvanRobot can move in all directions, it it can rotate without displacement.  Therefore, it can easily move around a given space.  The movement of AdvanRobot is synchronised with the tag reading in order to maximise read rate.  The modular design of AdvanRobot means it is easy to maintain and transport.

Mechanical Specification

Radio Frequency Specification

Mobility Specification

Radiation pattern of each antenna

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADRT-EU-100 AdvanRobot with EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)

Ideal for...

  • Retail stores
  • Low ceiling warehouses

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