Overhead real-time inventory system

AdvanTrack-200 is an RFID based system that provides inventory in real-time of all the tagged items located in a given space.  Examples of such spaces are retail stores, small warehouses, hospital areas etc…

AdvanTrack-200 also supplies the approximate location of each tagged item in real-time.

How AdvanTrack-200 works

AdvanTrack-200 uses an overhead antenna+ reader systems with beam steering functionality that scan the area below them identifying the RFID tags.  Thanks to the beam steering functionality, it achieves higher read-rates and wider scan areas than systems using stationary antennas.  The beams are steered in two directions and there are four beam orientations in each direction, giving a total of 16 beam orientation that form a 4 x 4 matrix.

Each AdvanTrack-200 antenna covers an area of approximately 4 x 4 meters.  This area may vary depending on, for instance, the height of the system, type of tag used, position of the tag or type and distribution of tagged products.  The different beam orientation are usually sequentially activated, obtaining the identification and estimation of the position of each tagged item every few seconds.  By providing real-time inventory and location, AdvanTrack-200 can reduce stock-outs, detect misplaced items and reduce theft.  Additionally, it helps finding products much faster which may lead to more satisfied customers and more productive employees.

The antennas have circular polarisation, which makes he read rate less deponent on the orientation of the tags versus the antennas.

AdvanTrack-200 uses master units and slave units:

  • The master unit has an integrated reader and four antennas with beam steering.
  • The slave unit comprises the same but without the reader.

One slave unit can be connected up to one master unit.  This reduces the retailers’ costs when monitoring wide areas.

AdvanTrack-200 can be ordered in 2 models:

  • Suspended wire mount.
  • Ceiling mount.

Mechanical Specification

Technical Specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/models

  • ADTR-omsEU-22-200 AdvanTrack 200, overhead, master unit, suspended mount, EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz, Pencil beam shape.
  • ADTR-ossEU-22-200 AdvanTrack 200, overhead, slave unit, suspended mount, EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz, Pencil beam shape.
  • ADTR-omcEU-22-200 AdvanTrack 200, overhead, master unit, ceiling mount, EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz, Pencil beam shape.
  • ADTR-oscEU-22-200 AdvanTrack 200, overhead, slave unit, ceiling mount, EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz, Pencil beam shape.

Ideal for...

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • low height warehouse

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