N5000  (Smartphone)


Hybrid Android Smartphone/PDA

This entry level commercial smartphone/terminal with a 5 inch display is ideal to act as a communication centre, taking phone calls, emails and texts plus has the ability to run command apps, perfect for stocktaking, replenishment or simply managing data on the move.

Powered by Android, the N5000 PDA smartphone is fully compatible with a wide range of industrial and commercial apps, and is designed specifically for frequent, everyday use. A dedicated 2D scan engine allows for quick and seamless scanning, while a built in laser aimer greatly improves operator accuracy and speeds up the data gathering process.

Key Features

Sharp, vivid display

The Smartphone N5000 comes with a rich 5.0” high definition display for an exceptional user experience. Able to display full colour, the screen looks sharp and vivid in broad daylight as well as in darker conditions.  

Night time mode

Not only does the N5000 illuminate to make scanning easier in darker conditions, it also has the ability to automatically adjust the level of illumination based on how bright the environment is.


Works come rain or shine

Whatever the weather, users can depend on the N5000 to get the job done. Moist hands, and even gloved fingers, can control the device flawlessly without any loss of control. Ideal for adverse weather or moist indoor conditions.


High speed scanning technology

The N5000 makes light work of 1D and 2D scanning thanks to Newlands patented scan engine. Laser aiming further enhances the user experience, allowing for effective scanning at remarkably high speeds.


Models and Accessories

SKU number/Models

  • N5000 Newland N5000, Android Smartphone PDA, IPS 5.0 inch qHB, 960 x 540 pixel, colour, touch screen, supports gloved fingertip touch input, with 2D CMOS imager & BT, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Camera (OS Android 5.1). IP54 rating. Incl. Black rubber sleeve with Gray-Blue-Yellow color cap, USB cable, battery and multiplug adapter.

SKU number/Accessories

  • RB5000 Rubber boot for N5000
  • HS100 Holster with clip for MT90 series/N5000 series/N7000 series
  • DBS5000 Dual battery charger for N5000 input 5V-2A
  • BTY-N5000 Replacement battery N5000 series 2500mAh
  • CBL034U USB cable, Mini-USB plug for N5000 series
  • ADP200 multiplug adapter 5V/2A, USB port for N5000 series

Ideal for...

  • Inventory counting
  • Access control
  • Back office inventory management
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Stock management
  • Food traceability

Information for download

EOL Information

The product is discontinued per 31st October 2019

The following products will be discontinued at a set date due to low demand, having better alternatives or outdated technology.

EOL date: product discontinued date, the last day of accepting order for the product.

EOM date: service & support discontinuation date, the last day of providing software upgrade, parts& repair service for this product.

N5000 product discontinuation date:

N5000 recommendation of alternative product:  Newland N7000R-II

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