RFID smart shelf system

AdvanShelf is a smart shelf system based on RFID UHF, that provides inventory in real-time, with high read-rate and high location resolution. In addition, AdvanShelf provides real-time location of tagged items, with a typical resolution of ±40 cm (±15 inches). This functionality can be used to detect misplaced items, locate any item, generate a real-time planogram, etc. AdvanShelf can be adapted to metallic, plastic, and wood-made shelves, of any size and colour.

AdvanShelf is a complete solution that includes:

Hardware: Antennas, multiplexers, readers, RF cables, control cables for multiplexers, power supply

Software drivers, including a tag location algorithm

Technical Specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADSH-100 AdvanShelf - smart shelf system

Ideal for...

  • Smart shelves
  • Smart cabinets
  • Smart panels
  • smart surfaces

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