Portable product recommendation system

AdvanServe is a portable product recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores, based on a smart phone or tablet.

The shop assistant uses AdvanServe to show customers images of the products, detailed information about these products and product recommendations.

How AdvanServe works

The customer picks an item or a group of items that he or she finds interesting.

The shop assistant approaches the customer and asks if he/she can help.

The shop assistant uses AdvanServe together with the camera of the smartphone/tablet or a pocket RFID reader to scan the items.

The shop assistant shows the customer images of the products, detailed information about these products and product recommendations.

The shop assistant can also see the available stock of a product and inform the customer.

With AdvanServe, the shop assistant can also request another store employee to bring a specific item. In this way, the shop assistant can continue assisting the customer.

The shop assistant can transfer the customer session form the smartphone/tablet to AdvanFitting (smart fitting room system) or AdvanLook (smart recommendation system) in order to show the images on a larger screen.  The shop assistant can also transfer it back to AdvanServe.

Connection to AdvanCloud

The content and user interface of AdvanServe can be updated remotely very easily, by means of the AdvanCloud cloud-based software.

All the events are registered and stored in AdvanCloud.  This information can then be analysed for business intelligence purposes, such as:

Number of AdvanServe sessions.

Scanned products.

Recommended products.

Requested products etc…

Configuration 1: scanning the barcodes with a camera

Configuration 2: scanning the RFID tags with a pocket or USB RFID reader

Technical Specification: Software

Technical Specification: RFID pocket reader

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADSE-100 AdvanServe system

Ideal for...

  • Retail stores
  • Libraries

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