RFID UHF reader for point of sales

AdvanPay-110 is a high power RFID UHF reader that integrates:

An antenna with a highly confined reading area

Keyboard emulation by hardware. It’s not needed to install any software at the POS

Functionalities specifically designed to address the needs of staff at retail stores, libraries or other spaces

AdvanPay-110 has 3 operation modes, that can be easily selected at any time:

Payment mode (green light)

Return Mode (red light)

Read-only mode (blue light)

Product Features

AdvanPay-110 comes in two models:

AdvanPay-110 has a highly confined reading area, even with far field RFID tags. It only reads the tags that are placed slightly above its surface, which avoids reading unwanted RFID tags. It includes hardware keyboard emulator (micro USB Type-B connector) that allows a very easy and fast integration with point of sales applications, without having to modify such software applications. The keyboard emulator is easily configured to send the keyboard codes required by each software application.

AdvanPay-110 is stand alone. It just needs to be powered with the supplied PoE injector and connected to a computer through the supplied USB cable.  It can be optionally connected to an Ethernet network switch. This gives AdvanPay-110 the advantages of an Ethernet-enabled device: remote control, centralised management, etc.

Thanks to its size and its support piece, AdvanPay-110 is the perfect choice for various applications such as point-of-sales, document tracking and RFID programming stations. In retail stores, AdvanPay-110 reads the EPC codes of the products being purchased while simultaneously deactivating the EAS flag of such products, for loss prevention. It can also be connected to an external speaker to increase the volume of the beep.

AdvanPay-110 under table mount can also be optionally connected to an external controller for changing the operation mode, and for turning AdvanPay on and off. It can be used together with AdvanSafe, AdvanMat or AdvanGate to provide a complete loss prevention system fully based on RFID UHF.

Connection to AdvanCloud

AdvanPay can be optionally connected to AdvanCloud cloud-based software platform.

The EPC codes of read RFID are reported to AdvanCloud. This information can then be analyzed for business intelligence purposes, such as:

Products sold.

Products returned.

Cross selling etc…

Mechanical specification (table flush mount)

Mechanical specification (under table mount)

Technical specification

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADPY-CU-EU-110 AdvanPay-110 with confined reading area, under table mount and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADPY-CF-EU-110 AdvanPay-110 with confined reading area, table flush mount and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)

Ideal for...

  • Point of sales.
  • Registering at events.
  • Document and product tracking.
  • RFID programming.
  • Verification of tagged items.

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