Interactive product recommendation system

AdvanLook is a products recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores.  It uses RFID technology and an interactive screen to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores and libraries.

Customers see images of the products that have picked up, detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations.

AdvanLook increases the sales of retailers by 25%.

Product features

AdvanLook comes in four sizes:

10″ touch screen.

21″ touch screen.

42″touch screen.

64″touch screen.

The use process is as follows:

The customer picks an item they are interested in and approaches the AdvanLook.  The RFID subsystem of AdvanLook detects the product, the screen of AdvanLook shows images of the product, together with information like colour and sizes available, composition price etc…The customer received recommendations of matching products and accessories, the customer can use the AdvanLook touch screen to browse through other products, request that an employee brings them a product etc…

Thanks to the simplicity and price, several units can be installed in one store.

AdvanLook comprised of: RFID subsystem with two antennas, touch screen, screen frame, embedded computer, content and interface management cloud-based software.

The colour and material of the frontal frame can be selected.

Connection to AdvanCloud

The content and user interface of AdvanLook can be updated remotely very easily by means of the AdvanCloud, cloud-based software.

All events are registered and stored in AdcanCloud.  This information can then be analysed for business intelligence purposes, such as:

Number of users that use AdvanLook.

Products that customers bring to AdvanLook.

Recommended products that customers select on the screen.

Products that the customer requests to be brought by an employee, etc…

Mechanical specification

Mechanical Specification of AdvanLook 10″

Mechanical Specification of AdvanLook 21″

Mechanical Specification of AdvanLook 42″

Mechanical Specification of AdvanLook 46″

Technical specification

Common Specification

Technical specification of AdvanLook 10″

Technical specification of AdvanLook 21″

Technical specification of AdvanLook 42″

Technical specification of AdvanLook 46″

Models and Accessories

SKU numbers/Models

  • ADLK-10t-EU-100 AdvanLook with 10" touch screen and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-21t-EU-100 AdvanLook with 21" touch screen and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-42t-EU-100 AdvanLook with 42" touch screen and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-46t-EU-100 AdvanLook with 46" touch screen and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-10tw-EU-100 AdvanLook with 10" touch screen with WiFI and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-21tw-EU-100 AdvanLook with 21" touch screen with WiFI and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-42tw-EU-100 AdvanLook with 42" touch screen with WiFI and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)
  • ADLK-46tw-EU-100 AdvanLook with 46" touch screen with WiFI and EU frequency band (865,6MHz-867,6MHz)

Ideal for...

  • Retail stores
  • Libraries
  • Museums

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