Affordable high density scanning for fast reading


High resolution barcodes are becoming increasingly popular in packaging because they can be printed small and still hold large amounts of data. The challenge is that they can be quite difficult for a lot of scanners to read, and the scanners that could read them were often prohibitively expensive.

The HR42-BT is designed to meet the needs of a production environment where high density codes need to be read rapidly, with ease.

What sets it apart?

Versatility is a key constituent to this wireless scanning solution; it offers Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and easy pairing while maintaining connectivity up to 50m away from the docking station.  This is vital for applications where flexibility and freedom of movement – the ability to take the scanner to the product where needed – are essential without the restraints of tethered cables.

Settings allow users to hold the trigger for a single real time scanning session, with no repetition of the same code, permitting high speed reading of codes in batches.  The accurate settings allow precise scanning of the codes in the aim area, enabled when small codes are close together.

The HR4280-BT breaks that mould in more ways than one.  Coming in at a far more affordable than its counterparts, the HR42-BT packs in a high quality, high density scan engine that can read high density 1280 x 960 pixel prints with total ease.

All this is packed into a rugged housing capable of taking everyday knocks and up to 1.8m drop resistant, making it an invaluable asset for any application where high density scanning is important.

For more information, view the HR42-BT Halibut product page here.


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