HR42-BT (Halibut)


High definition wireless barcode scanner

The HR4280-BT from Newland breaks that mould in more ways than one.  Coming in at a far more affordable budget that its counterparts and predecessors, the HR42-BT packs in a high quality, high density scan engine that can read 1280 x 960 pixel prints with total ease.

Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity also affords the user complete freedom up to 10 meters away from the device’s docking cradle – perfect for intensive scanning periods where users need to be fast and agile. The Halibut also offers the capability to decode postal barcodes and even has the ability to read some DPM.  Factor in its IP42 seal rating and a drop resistance of up to 1.8 meters, and the HR4280 begins to look like an invaluable asset to any business where high-density scanning is important.

Key features

Bluetooth 5.0 for easy pairing

Bluetooth 5.0 offers super-fast pairing and maintains a strong wireless connection for up to 10 meters. Perfect for scanning multiple items at high volume where agility and fluidity are key.

High density megapixel scan engine

The HR4280 offers incredibly accurate scanning of high-density barcodes thanks to its 1280×960 CMOS scan engine, all at a much more competitive price than its predecessors and counterparts.

Rugged, tough and dependable

The HR4280-BT may contain a sensitive high definition CMOS scanner, but it’s got a tough outer shell that can withstand heavy bumps and drops of up to 1.8 meters without any signs of damage.

Complete versatility

This is where the HR4280 really begins to show its value.  Not only can it read high density codes, it can also read postal codes and some DPM, making it an excellent all-rounder in most retail environments.

Models & Accessories


  • HR4280-BT-C 2D CMOS bluetooth wireless handheld Reader Mega Pixel, High Density (Blue surface). With docking station (black) USB cable and power supply.

Ideal for...

  • Distribution centres.
  • Inventory.
  • Logistics.
  • Warehousing.

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