HR52 (Bonito)


2D Corded handheld scanner (Retail Edition)

The HR52 Bonito has been designed specifically with point of sale terminals in mind. Its high resolution megapixel scanner allows for fast and accurate scanning, decreasing queue times and making the purchase process swift and seamless. Where the HR52 Bonito shines is its ability to read all 2D barcodes at speed, even those that are slightly damaged or worn. The in-built scanner is also able to read DotCode on tobacco products, making the Bonito the perfect all-rounder for busy point of sale terminals store-wide.

This corded retail edition of the HR52 has a soft, white illumination that’s pleasing to the eyes and utilises a clear cross-laser that makes point and shoot scanning seem effortless. Even at a distance, surrounded by other boxes, products and barcodes, users will find the Bonito extremely easy to ‘aim and shoot’, resulting in a welcome uptick in productivity and an increased rate of scanning.

Key Features

Perfectly designed for POS.

The HR52 Bonito has been designed exclusively with retail in mind, making short work of high volume scanning. Its high resolution megapixel scanner allows multiple products to be scanned with near faultless accuracy over long periods of time.

Point and shoot accuracy.

This version of the HR52 may be corded, but its built-in cross laser aimer encourages point-and-shoot scanning and makes it seem completely effortless in the process. Perfect for scanning larger items or more complicated shopping carts.

Durable and dependable.

Anybody that’s worked in retail knows that a few bumps and knocks come with the territory. Thankfully the HR52 Bonito is drop resistant up to 1.8 meters and its tough outer shell can easily withstand any accidental knocks.

Includes stand for hands-free scanning.

Point and shoot scanning is useful, but for high volume small item purchases, hands-free is going to be the preferred option. The HR52 Bonito comes complete with a hands free stand that’s quick and easy to set up.

Models and Accessories


  • HR5280-S5 Newland HR52 2D CMOS Handheld Reader Mega Pixel, High Density (Black surface) with 3 mtr. coiled USB cable. Autosense, smart stand ready.
  • HR5280-SF Newland HR52 2D CMOS Handheld Reader  Mega Pixel High Density (Black surface) with 3m coiled USB cable and foldable smart stand.


  • CBL030UA RJ45-USB 2m cable, 35cm coiled for HR, FR and FM series .
  • CBL036UC RJ45-USB 2m for HR, FR and FM series HR15X & HR32X series.
  • CBL036UA USB 3m for HR, FR and FM series.
  • CBL042UA RJ45-USB, 2m cable for HR, FR and FM series.

Ideal for...

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

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