Android Portable Terminal

The mobile computers of the BHT-M80 series are the result of a continuous pursuit of perfectionism: equipped with the most powerful DENSO scan engine on the market to date, these handheld terminals deliver a scanning performance that sets the bar high in the industry. In combination with the Android 10 operating system and a powerful octa-core processor, the M80 becomes an indispensable companion for reliable and fast mobile data acquisition.

Android Portable Terminal


Key Features

Superior reading speed

With 30 scans per second, the BHT-M80 captures codes at incredible speed, this enables users to scan several labels one after the other with a fluid movement (trace scanning), instead of the slow sop-and-go variant, which in turn saves time and money.

Scanning excellence at its core

Thanks to Denso’s most advanced scan engine, the BHT-M80 can capture even the most difficult labels quickly and easily, wether crinkled, smeared over, poorly printed or even behind highly reflective surfaces.

Angled scan head

For maximum user-friendliness, the scan head on the BHT-M80 is set at a 40° angle which allows both the natural hand position can be taken and the display in in full view at all times during the scanning process.

Intuitive handling with Android operating system

The BHT-M80 is equipped with Android 10 as standard. This intuitive operating system is familiar to the majority go smartphone users, which intern means short phases of familiarisation with eh BHT-M80.  This familiarity enables users to get started straight away, saving time and money with training.

Models and Accessories

Ideal for...

  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Customer services
  • Transport logistics

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