Android Portable Terminal

With Android 10 operating system, Qualcomm Octa-core-core processor and Denso’s latest scan engine, the BHT-M60 is ideally equipped for demanding applications and several process running simultaneously.  The large 3.2-inch crack resistant touch screen and 37-key keypad make it clear and easy to use, while the 40° scan angle enables a natural hand posture while scanning and ensures the display is visible at all times.

As expected with Denso, the BHT-M60 is super tough, withstanding up to 3m drops and bring IP67 rated against dust and water, all backed up with a 3-year warranty.

Android Portable Terminal


Key Features

Top-notch scanning performance

Equipped with the most powerful Denso scan engine currently available, the BHT-M60 Series delver a strong reading performance.  Labels that usually cause problems with laser sensors – smeared over, badly printed and crinkled – can be read quickly and easily thanks to the scan engine.  Even highly reflective surfaces such as glass and metal are no longer an issue, thanks to the angled scan head, with which codes are read at a 40° angle.  Another advantage: during the scanning process, the user can adopt a natural hand position while the display is always in full view.

Fast and effortless scanning

The built-in Denso scan engine sets the bar high in terms of reading speed.  Thanks to the high speed at which the code is scanned several times a second, several labels can be read one after another with one fluid movement (trace scanning), instead of the stop-and-go scanning, which is slower in comparison.

Short training phases thanks to Android OS

The mobile computers of the BHT-M60 Series are equipped with Android 10 operating systems as standard.  Thanks to the widespread use and popularity of this intuitive operating system, users can get started almost immediately without having to spend a long time being trained in how to use the mobile device.

Comfortable handling for mobile data acquisition

Especially with long data acquisition processes – such as inventories – it is of great value to employees if a handheld terminal is easy to hold.  Only then can they fully concentrate on their work and reach their full potential.  The handle of the BHT-M60 is therefore shaped in such a way that it fits perfectly into the hand and feels like its natural extension.  The user can comfortably position their index finger in the back, which in tern can be used to exert counter-pressure when the release button on the front is pressed.

Models and Accessories

Ideal for...

  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Customer services
  • Transport logistics

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