Temperature measurement face recognition access control

The first stage in security, face recognition and temperature as part of an access control procedure.  Keeps staff safe and builds confidence.

In light of the current global health situation following the outbreak of COVID-19, our attention is being drawn towards practical solutions for moving forward in the future.  This temperature measurement access control attendance terminal from Comet offers an ideal solution.

It uses infra red technology to test a persons temperature and following a normal reading, the access door will open.  If the reading it out of the normal range then the door will not open and a visual/audio warning is given.  In addition is has the ability to check a person is wearing a mask and all data is automatically stored for your records.  This stylish terminal can be easily mounted to a wall desktop or terminal and offers an all-round, forward-thinking solution.

Key Features

Normal mode features:

Registers when wearing a mask.

Recognises the face to measure the temperature.

When the temperature is normal, the door will open.

When the temperature is abnormal there is a voice alert and the door won’t open.

Saves data automatically.


Ways to install

Temperature controlled face recognition


Installation port diagram

Application places.

Attendance, access control, passage

Models and Accessories


  • DS1 DS1 temperature control access management terminal.


  • DS1-TB Turnstile bracket

Ideal for...

  • Access control
  • Entry management systems
  • Healthcare
  • Office buildings
  • Community centres
  • Government buildings

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