Cloud-based RFID software platform

AdvanCloud is a cloud-based software platform for remotely managing the following RFID systems:

Encoding systems ‐ Encoding stations: AdvanStation, RFID printers

Automatic inventory systems ‐ Handheld readers, inventory robots: AdvanRobot, overhead antenna systems: AdvanTrack, smart shelves and smart displays: AdvanShelf, AdvanDisplay

Interactive retail systems ‐ Recommendation systems: AdvanLook, interactive fitting rooms: AdvanFitting, smart mirrors: AdvanLook-M

Loss prevention systems ‐ Overhead: AdvanSafe, floor: AdvanMat, pedestals: AdvanGate

Point of sales systems: AdvanPay

Main Functionalities

All the detected RFID tags are recorded and stored in AdvanCloud in real time, and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

All the interaction events between the shopper and AdvanLook/AdvanFitting are also recorded and stored in AdvanCloud.

All the data stored in AdvanCloud can be easily exported or queried, in order to generatereports, apply business intelligence techniques, etc.

AdvanCloud also provides the interactive user interface for AdvanLook and AdvanFitting. This user interface can be easily customized for each retailer by using HTML5 and Javascript.

New content (images, videos, product descriptions, cross-selling rules, etc.) are easily uploaded to AdvanCloud. AdvanCloud automatically downloads the content to all AdvanLook/AdvanFitting units installed at retail stores.

Content import and data export can be executed remotely by means of a web services APIthat makes the integration with other systems very easy.

AdvanCloud also controls and manages the tablets/PDAs that store staff use to receive requests from shoppers and to answer these requests.

AdvanCloud user interface allows shoppers to interact with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) within the store.

Screenshots of AdvanCloud user interface (examples of templates)

Ideal for...

  • Retail stores
  • Libraries
  • All applications using our RFID systems

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