New Product Release: The BCX-V800 Tough 8″ Android Tablet


The BCX-V800 has officially launched. Designed specifically for high impact industrial environments, this tough 2D scanner packs in every feature a bustling warehouse could need, all within a high durable military grade casing.

The BCX-V800 brings intelligent scanning into industrial environments

Getting the latest barcode scanning technology into high impact industrial environments has always been a challenge. As the technology got better and scanners got more advanced, the need to keep them protected in busy environments increased. This was particularly difficult in environments where drops, knocks and splashes weren’t just likely, but were a normal part of day-to-day operations.

Thankfully, the BCX-V800 manages to walk the line between high-tech intelligent scanning and ultra-durable military grade protection – and it does it in style.

What’s under the bonnet?

The device is easy on the eyes, and despite its tough, rugged exterior, it’s surprisingly light and easy to handle. A fast internal processor runs Android 7 lag free on a sharp, high resolution display, making user inputs quick and easy. It also features dual-band WiFi and the option for a 4G sim, making it truly mobile. It also has a 2D scan engine and NFC reader, both of which can easily compete with any scanner currently on the market.

Most would happily accept a shorter battery life given all of the features on offer and the unparallelled durability, but the V800 doesn’t rest on its laurels. It packs an 8000mAh battery which can power the device through even the most intense shifts, and when charging isn’t an option the battery can be ejected and replaced within seconds, making the device a real trooper.

VESA fixings also allow the V800 to be mounted, making it a truly versatile member of your team.

Military grade durability

The BCX-V800 is perfect for all weather conditions and can withstand full shifts in the toughest of environments. It’s IP67 seal rating means it’s waterproofed, and its military grade casing means it can easily take a few heavy knocks without compromising on functionality. Whether you’re outside in the pouring rain, or in an industrial environment where knocks, bumps and spillages are commonplace, the BCX-V800 is with you at every step.

Replacing a paper system?

Most businesses are currently undergoing some form of digital transformation, and the BCX-V800 fits right in. If you run a busy order or picking system and currently do things manually, the BCX-V800 is an excellent first step toward digitising the entire process. You can review live planning tools, broadcast data automatically and keep an eye on the integrity of your stock and availability, all without having to visit a terminal.

For more information on the BCX-V800, click here.

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