Newland change the self-service game with the all new FM3080 fixed mount scanner.


With the popular FM series still in strong circulation, Newland have a solid reputation for dependable fixed mount scanners that are geared toward self-service. This latest model builds on that foundation and takes the self-service element even further, making mobile payments or QR code reading an absolute doddle for your average consumer. The FM3080 is guaranteed to make short work of lengthy queues, able to scan dimly lit screens in low light conditions in a heartbeat while providing nice, colourful feedback that honestly make it a joy to use.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes the FM3080 so special…

Much like its popular sister device, the FM30 Grouper II, the FM3080 is geared toward kiosk self-service with a scanner that can pick up both 1D and 2D codes from mobile phone screens. What sets the FM3080 apart from its sister, however, is the addition of infrared and light sensors which make the scan engine far more responsive and able to read codes from dimly lit screens in low light environments. This in itself could prove to be a real gamechanger, freeing users from having to fiddle with their screen brightness to get a good scan while they hold up the queue behind them.

Another win for the FM3080 is its size. At a surprisingly small 78.7 x 67.7 x 47.5mm, it’s one of the most compact fixed mount scanners on the market, and certainly the smallest in the FM series. This will allow the scanner to fit into even the most awkward of kiosks or the busiest of countertops with relative ease. The new IP65 seal rating also makes the FM3080 completely resistant to water or dust, so employees will no longer have to be concerned with spillages or wear and tear due to dirt. The FM3080 is clearly a fixed mount scanner that has been designed to just keep on going…

By far one of the most eye-catching and talked about features of the FM3080 though, is its unique colour feedback system. The scanner can be configured to give off a warm illumination in one of 4 colours every time a scan is successful, giving users instant feedback that their screen has been read and the data gathered. It’s a beautiful feature which will draw the eye and brighten up most kiosks, as well as reduce any delay that might otherwise be caused by customer confusion or hesitation.

The FM3080 is a stunning addition to Newland’s FM range, and here at Barcode Connexions we’re extremely proud to be able to offer it to our supply chain for customers with kiosk businesses that will surely benefit.

To find out more about the FM3080 or any other scanners in the range, call us on 01442 217384. We can even arrange a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your clients’ needs and what we can do to help fulfil them. Alternatively you can view the HR3080 Hind product page here.

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