Speedata by Newland

SD100 Orion Series

Robust and reliable 10" Android tablet

Newland’s 10 inch Android tablet makes for the ultimate 1D and 2D scanning companion, from shop to stock floor.  The supplied magnetic hand strap for ease of use and a capacitive touch screen contributes to the versatility of the SD100 Orion. The additional version for healthcare, the SD100MD Orion, follows the EC60601-01 standard to ensure safe and hygienic access to patient data at a glance.

Robust and reliable 10" Android tablet


Key Features

Two versions available


The SD100 Orion is available in two versions, black and grey for the industrial version and blue and white for medical version.

Ultra-thin design

The SD100 Orion has an ultra-thin body without compromising on technology, saying goodbye to the cumbersome appearance of traditional tablets.  The 10 inch easily readable capacitive touch screen coupled with a fast Octa-core processor provides an outstanding working tool.


Rugged Design

The SD100 can withstand drops of 1m onto a concrete floor and has an IP65 rating ensuring it is protected from dirt, sand, rain and snow.

The four-corner rubber protections ensures the elegant design is well guarded against accidental knocks and drops.

Magnetic wrist strap

The unique magnetics support wristband design is handy and easy to carry, to meet a variety of operating requirements.

Models and Accessories


  • SD100 Speedata 10 inch industrial Android tablet
  • SD100MD Speedata 10 inch industrial Android tablet, medical version with antibacterial coating

Ideal for...

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics

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