C190 Series

Digital dimensioner

Dimension and verify consignments on the move.

The Cubetape digital dimensioning and measuring device captures the dimensions of parcels and large consignments just like a standard tape measure, but with the added benefit of wireless data transfer to your shipping system. The Cubetape connects effortlessly with ERP systems and shipping software to eliminate the manual entry of length, width and height, saving valuable time in the fast-paced freight industry. Unlike static dimensioning systems, the Cubetape is hand-held and mobile which eliminates the need to queue to use the system helping to save up to 50% in processing time on alternative dimensioning methods.

The Cubetape is certified as a legal for trade device, which means it can be legally used to charge by dimension, whether that be through customer charge-backs or to set the carriage costs. The Cubetape can be used as a stand-alone device or can be combined with other products to create a full solution to revenue protection issues that are common in the freight industry. The Cubetape is lightweight and designed to fit neatly into a pocket or holster. It has a durable design and supplied with a rubber cover to protect it from the harsh warehouse environment.

Digital dimensioner


Key Features


  • Robust and reliable: Designed for use in industrialenvironments, the Cubetape is protected by a durable rubber cover. High quality electronics guarantee repeatable accuracy for the life of the tape cassette which should be replaced and calibrated annually.
  • Data entry made simple: The Cubetape automatically transfers your data through a user-friendly interface, helping to reduce human error.
  • Easy to use: Requiring minimal operator training, the Cubetape is used in the same way as a standard tape measure.


  • Realise lost income through revenue protection: By verifying more shipments with the Cubetape you will be able to quickly identify those consignments that have under-declared dimensions and make the appropriate charge-back.
  • Increase process efficiency: Collect and verify the dimensions of up to 50% more shipments during a shift.
  • Advanced load planning: Use the dimensions taken with the Cubetape to feed your load planning software and take the hassle out of last-minute planning. To eliminate last minute vehicle cube-out, verify dimensions as your drivers collect consignments prior to reaching the depot.
  • Volumetric weight calculator: The Cubetape PRO can automatically calculate the volumetric weight of a shipment ensuring you always receive the maximum value for each loaded vehicle.

Two versions available

Cubetape PRO

The Cubetape PRO is designed for environments where data integration is critical to the operation. The PRO model is designed to wirelessly transfer data to the shipping system in real-time, a benefit for load planning and for ensuring customers have declared their consignments correctly. The PRO design is also able to compute algorhythems and has a built in volumetric weight calculation feature.

Cubetape POS

The Cubetape POS works as a digital scanner and dimensioner but without the wireless integration into your operating system. The data can still be stored and collated within the unit for manual download via cradle or USB lead.

Alternatively the Cubetape can be paired to a PC, tablet or smart device with data displayed onthe device.

Models and Accessories


  • C190 PRO Hand held dimensioner with Bluetooth data output, Zebra infra red scanner, Li-ion battery and measuring tape with Barcode on top side of the tape, with 128x128 (24 bit colour) display
  • C190 POS Hand held dimensioner with Bluetooth data output, Zebra infra red scanner, Li-ion battery and measuring tape with Barcode on top side of the tape


  • C190 DSK For charging of the CubetapePOS and PRO unit using an USB cable which can be connected to PC or laptop. And for creating a Bluetooth bridge between PC and Cubetape
  • C190 B10 975 mAh li-ion battery

ideal for...

  • logistics
  • warehouses

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