Newland ID break new ground with an all new upgrade to the MT65 Beluga

What’s new in the Beluga-III?

Most users would agree that the real game changer here is the introduction of a megapixel scan engine. The 1280×960 resolution camera captures barcode images in greater definition, allowing the decoder to read even small codes with ease, speed and over a much greater distance. This could have a profound impact on the efficiency of data collecting on the warehouse floor, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to scan a room full of items without compromising on accuracy.

The Beluga-III also has double the memory of the Beluga-II. With 16GB storage and a healthy 2GB of RAM, it can process information faster and store more data on the move.

The Android 5.1 OS was a hit with the Beluga-II. It was easy to navigate and had a smooth, familiar interface. Newland have sought to improve on that with the introduction of Android 7.0 (Nougat) to all Beluga-III models.

As with previous models, the MT65 Beluga-III comes with Newland’s free MDM software already installed.  This opens a gateway to a large number of downloadable application programs and features such as the ability to lockdown units, upgrade an estate overnight, locate and remotely monitor.

All the fundamental features of this solid and reliable Android portable terminal have remained intact.  An inexpensive clip on- clip off pistol grip, 10-hour battery life and the combination of a touch screen and physical keyboard to name but a few.


Current models of the MT65 Beluga Series available:

MT6550-3W 1D CCD
MT6551-2W 2D CMOS
MT6551-2W-C 2D CMOS with cradle


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