Tough 2D CMOS scanner

A high performance 2D barcode scanner, the WE10 is sealed to IP67 standards, allowing it to be washed and work in outdoor environments.

A comfortable unit to hold all day, working without fatigue.  Reads all 1D and 2D codes.

Key Features

Industrial grade wired 1D barcode scanner

Waterproof protection

The WE10 is available in an IP67 rated version which can be washed directly with tap water and even soaked in water for 20 minutes.  Giving users complete peace of mind when working outdoors or environments such as pubs and bars where there liquids would be a potential hazard to the scanner.

Anti-seismic and drop resistant

The WE10 can withstand drops from up to 5m and 1000 rolls without affecting the functionality if the scanner.

Dust-proof protection

The WE10 is designed to deal with harsh environments, the casing is built securely protect the internal mechanisms from dust, dirt and grit.

High Density scanning

The WE10 provides small one-dimensional code decoding to recognise 3D and above 1D codes, with decoding function for smaller 1D barcodes, the WE10 can decode barcodes in 3mil and above.  With these codes used widely in medical and electrical industries, the WE10 is an ideal solution.

High precision scanning.

The WE10 offers accurate, fast scanning up to the national secondary laser safety standard and the performance is stable.

Sleek curvature

The sleek design go the arc makes the entire product vibrant and beautiful.

Optical mirror

The new optical mirror scanning is more accurate, with fast speed and stable performance.

Rebound button

Comfortable and durable trigger buttons that can perform up to 1 million rebounds without jamming.

Beeper and indicator light

Clear beep notification and bright light for good read ensure increased productivity.

Comfortable in hand

Comfortable hand grip for perfect curvature reduces user fatigue over a long period of use.

Models and accessories


  • WE10 Comet 2D CMOS handheld scanner, IP65 rating
  • WE10-R Comet 2D CMOS handheld scanner, IP67 rating

Ideal for...

  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Restaurant/bar
  • Clothing
  • Medical

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