Parcel and Mail

Internal Mail Tracking Solution


Mailroom tracks letters and parcels from the moment they arrive at the mailroom to the moment they are delivered to (or collected by) its recipient.  Ideal for each and every type of organisation that has a requirement to track and verify post has been delivered to its intended destination.

The system uses barcode scanners and PDA’s to track the unique codes attachedto each item of mail to be logged and tracked.

We combine portable and tethered barcode scanners with desktop software; to capture, log and report on any or all actions.  Each stage of the process is tagged with a date and time, the ID of the user and where required a signature can be captured as proof of delivery.

Clients have the option to host their own database or we can host in on one of our secure hosting sites.



Features include:

- Accurate tracking of all mail items

- Fast entry of post onto system using intelligent forms and barcode scanners

- Proof of delivery including signature capture

- Links to email for bespoke alerts

- On screen reports

- Hosted database to allow access from any laptop, tablet or smart phone

- Portable terminals add flexibility to deliveries

- Excel reporting for more in depth data analysis

- Install and training offered

- Bespoke reports and functions can be added

- System is easily expandable

- Modules available to track loans and assets

- Link mailrooms together across multiple sites