Field Worker

Mobile Applications for Portable Terminals

 Integrates with existing PC software

 The mobile AP application will allow you to import any CSV or excel file into a windows portable terminal where it will recreate the spread sheet format on the screen.

The data can then be manipulated or added to as required.  The result of the mobile field work can then be exported as a CSV/excel file back to the server. Offering a perfect way to carry out many different field applications without the need for special PC software. Mobile XL

Can link directly with SAP, Sage, Quick books and many others.

It can also create a new spread sheet  on the terminal that can then be exported to the host server/PC  when required, allowing field data to be captured when needed.


 Feature include:                           

* creates new spread sheets on the terminal                                    

* Easy import / export of data                       

* Accepts CSV or Excel  files

* Windows operating systems                        

* Quick return on investment