Asset & Product Tracking

“Track In a Box”track-in-a-box-image.jpg

 The complete low cost solution for all Barcode tracking needs

Import and create XL spread sheets on the move. 

What’s in the box- 

 The latest PDA and barcode scanner in one unit-

the Newland PT980  It’s rugged, dust and water proof, and

runs Windows mobile 6. The programme to import/export even

Create XL Spread sheets that links via the USB cable directly to all

versions of Office XL  plus recharging power supply.

The benefits for you-

Tag, scan and add all your details in user defined fields

so that you can….

  • - move data between PC and hand held very easily
  • - carry your entire data base around with you just like a mobile phone
  • - interrogate any item via its barcode label to display all characteristics
  • - conduct field audits, amend any details
  • - move anything to anywhere from look up tables set by the user
  • - add multiple new items or use it with staff ID to record loans or bookings
  • - record regular maintenance on your equipment, and throw away the clipboard!
  • - link straight to XL and any other Windows based management programs         

Optional services onsite training, technical support, and bespoke barcode tracking systems.