About : Barcode Connexions


Barcode Connexions

Established in 2002, originally as one of the innovators of applications associated with barcoding on mobile phone screens for ticketing and customer loyalty.  Our partners also required hardware and selection expertise, so Barcode Connexions was formed as a division of Tele-Ticket Limited, to deliver our unique knowledge of the barcode market.

This grew into assisting our partners with general applications and today forms the major part of our business.

Our Service

Our knowledge of the market has allowed us to source and work with supply partners from around the world.  Partners that offer the latest and most reliable technology that is not over distributed and in most cases offer a cost or technology advantage.

Add to this our knowledge of the market needs for different applications allowing us to produce and source software that keeps pace with customer requirements.  This combination means our resale partners can offer solutions in confidence that they are offering their customers the best technology at aggressive stable prices.  

Our service can provide any part of a solution or a turnkey installed, whatever our resale partner needs to succeed.

Our Supply Partners

All our supply partners have one thing in common, that is, wanting our resellers to be in a position to win business.

This gives us all a common goal.

We have carefully selected our partners, who all have major supply capability, so they are customer lead positioning them and us at the forefront of the industry.

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